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Photo by Jerin Yu

Esther Yu Sumner has been writing stories and poetry since grade school. She decided when she was seven that she wanted to grow up to become a children's book writer. When she was a child, she would cut large sheets of engineering paper into an uneven mini book stack, use staples to hold the edges together, then cover the edges of the book with black electric tape to make her official books, that she wrote and illustrated herself.

She went on to earn her degree in Print Journalism and her minor in English, where her work as the online editor for "The Daily Universe" in Provo, Utah helped their University win an EPpy Award from Editor & Publisher magazine for their innovation in online journalism. Esther was also awarded the Society of Professional Journalist's scholarship award during her time there. Her first children's book, a Christmas story, won her recognition from her publisher as their Outstanding New Talent of the year, and sold out in stores and online weeks before the end of the season. 

When she's not immersed in a book, or creating things that she hopes adds value and beauty to the world, Esther enjoys participating in various mountain sports with her husband in Utah. You can see what she's up to at @iliketocreatestuff.


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