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Family History Books

I write family history books by commission.

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Book Description

For more than 10 years, "Family Tree Maker" has been America's #1-selling and top-rated family tree program. This book is your complete guide to using the software to create a family history that you and your family will treasure for years to come. This informative guide with teach you how to get started by entering what you know by simply filling in the names of your family. Then, with its advanced features, you can search CD-ROM databases and the Internet for more ancestors. You'll also learn how to share your family tree, instantly create a variety of trees, reports, and more with a click of your mouse. Your family and friends will be delighted!

Book Description:

If your ancestors were American, chances are good that at least one of them was involved in an American war. And each of the more than forty wars and conflicts in which America was involved generated some kind of record. Though they can sometimes be complicated, military records are fantastic family history resources and, as you’d expect, has an extensive collection of them."

Book Description:

Custom hand-drawn books about individuals based on interviews and written records about the individual and their life history. 

Sample interior page from "Ron" life history book:

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Sample interior page from "Franny" life history book:

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