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My Inspiration Collage

Have you heard of a "dream board" or "mood board?" I used to make those as a child without even realizing it. I'd use old magazines and catalogs and cut out photos of women in beautiful dresses, or cut out images of birds and flowers, and make collages. I didn't realize as a child that this is a common practice to inspire different types of art, particularly in the fashion industry! I wish I still had some of the ones I made early on, as it would be fun to see what kind of dresses I considered to be beautiful.

Every six months, I sort of make a mood board, but it's more of an inspiration board and it's from a two-day series of religious talks at a worldwide conference called General Conference. The last one was in October. I took all 34 inspired and inspirational messages, chose one image to use to represent each of the messages, drew and painted them into a giant collage, and then made a matching deck of cards to go with each piece of art.

I've actually done this for years but change up how I do it every time. Sometimes, I put the art directly on the card but then I have to trade off room for the quote that I want to capture. I think this is my favorite way that I have done things to date.

Each card has a description on the front that goes to an image. The "answer" or match is identified by a number on the back of the card, as well as a quote from the inspired message giver.

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