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How a daily word prompt can inspire you

Every October, I participate in a daily word prompt assignment and draw one picture related to the assigned word. This annual month-long event is called "Inktober."

How can you be inspired by something like @inktober?

Every drawing prompt comes with its own hashtag for that day. You can look up the hashtag with each day's prompt to see what others have drawn. For example, if the prompt is "hope" you can search for "#inktoberhope." I made it a point of not looking at hashtags until after I drew my prompt, but then it was so exciting to see who had the same idea, who had a completely different idea, etc.

It is incredibly inspiring to see the varied interpretations for a single word from artists from around the world.

I have a character named "Pie" who has a variety of animal friends so I also constrained my word prompts to work in Pie's world. I've highlighted each day's drawing below.

You can find daily word prompt assignments like this for every month, (though I think @inktober is the original one, started in 2009.) Or, you can make up your own word prompt. I encourage you to look for the hashtags related to daily word prompts though and find inspiration from others.

For example, after seeing so much incredible art, I decided at the end of the month that I want to be better at drawing patterns, like the one in the coral drawing that is cut off in the upper left of the below montage. So, lately, I've been doodling patterns. It's an opportunity to have a little bit of guided fun, figure out your style, and figure out where you want to improve.

If you missed @inktober but want to try this out, some of the places with daily word prompts for November are #daretodoodle and #huevember.

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