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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

This is such a fun activity to get your creative juices flowing! Everyone can be creative and any age that is old enough to draw can participate.

Just match the day with the prompt and draw a picture that relates to the word. For example, today is October 8, so the prompt is "teeth." If you use Instagram, you can search the hashtag #inktober2020teeth to see what other people have drawn for today's prompt. You can follow the same formula to see any of the other prompts on the day of the prompt but I recommend you do not peek until after you've completed your prompt. For "teeth," I have seen a lot lips with teeth, a lot of monsters with big teeth, close-ups of a molar, and then my favorite, more "cute" or funny ones, with mice holding teeth.

I have been participating for four years now. I am not a professional artist, and I am in awe of some of the elaborate, immensely talented drawings out there, but that does not stop me from having fun and making my own version that isn't up to their caliber. This is your opportunity to be creative and have fun with just one rule: it has to have something to do with that day's prompt.

You can even decide to follow the prompts in your morning pancakes or by handing a child a lump of clay. There are so many ways to interpret this but just have fun with the words. I am a writer so I always try to write a micro story with the word of the day.

Here are my last seven Inktober drawings, as posted on my @iliketocreatestuff account:

Here's a close-up of how I interpreted "teeth," with some recurring characters I like to draw, Pie (the tall girl who has her hair pulled back today to look like a vampire) and her forest friends.

I hope you will participate, even if it's just once a week. Last year, I drew every few days and combined several prompts into one drawing. There are so many ways to involve your friends and family. I would love to see your work. Send me a note through this website or tag me @iliketocreatestuff if you participate!

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